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4 days ago
I have finally made it to my summer vacation! Emails and all social media will be on pause. My phone and laptop will be left at home. @slave_chloe has this week off too.

Slaves: RT, post, comment, like and engage with my old tweets while I am away. Stay active on my page.
4 days ago
A sissy opening their eyes to the wonderful nature of cum eating. I would call that a success, wouldn’t you?
4 days ago
Bravo! Have you had it before?
Lyle Black @LyleBlack5
I serve Mistress Sabine St. Jack. I AM her cumslut. I loved this task; the culmination of everything, the reward of finally tasting my own was delicious! @Sabine_StJack @StJack_Training #sissy #sissyslut #sissytask #slavetask #cei