The Mistress knows you’ve been desperate to serve her and long for her domineering embrace. Are you ready to actualize your darkest fantasies, to reveal your secrets and share your kink with Mistress Sabine through a virtual session? This will be an experience unlike any you’ve encountered before. The Mistress will use your kink, your fantasies and your submission for her amusement and entertainment while giving you a genuine FemDom experience. Mistress Sabine enjoys toying with her subjects and embracing the humiliating aspects of online play. She will manipulate your body, tease your mind and liberate your vanilla existence.

When you have a session with the Mistress, you understand that you’re there to serve her in anyway she sees fit. You will be held at the Mistress’ mercy and forced to serve, obey and submit. There is no set time limit for virtual sessions, its your job to please and entertain the Mistress through your actions and its at her discretion when the session ends. Those who are obedient and ready relinquish control will enjoy the stern tone of Mistress Sabine’s virtual sessions.

Mistress Sabine has experience with all kinks and fetishes. Through her years of practice in live sessions she has ample real world experience to draw on no matter your kinky desires. The Mistress is not interested in seeing you jerk off on camera. The Mistress will not be nude or expose herself to you on camera. This is a D/s based interaction and will be conducted with strict protocols to ensure you fall in line with Mistress Sabine’s desires. Use the form below to better understand what you are are getting yourself into.

Mistress Sabine is interested in conducting virtual sessions which include the following FemDom related kinks and activities:

  • General submissive training
  • Chastity
  • Sissification
  • Feminization
  • Domestic Sissy training
  • Forced bisexuality
  • Verbal humiliation
  • Public Humiliation (social media)
  • Physical Humiliation
  • Erotic Humiliation
  • Food play
  • Branding
  • Stern disciplinary actions
  • Financial pampering and spoiling
  • Bondage
  • CBT
  • Nipple torture
  • Extreme conditions (too hot, too cold)
  • Electro play
  • Impact play
  • Hair play
  • Sensation play
  • Watersports
  • Sensory Deprivation

Wait…how does a virtual session work?
Check out the FAQ page for a nice, long answer.

Can I remain anonymous?
Yes, specify your need for discretion at the end of your application.

I’m horny, I want to submit NOW…
The Mistress will not entertain the idea of same-day requests. She’s a busy woman, the only way she can give you her time and Domination is if you schedule ahead.

How can I increase my chance of having my application selected?
Send a tribute.

Can I just jerk off on camera for her?
No, virtual sessions are not about you getting your little cock off, they are about you doing your best to serve the Mistress through a task she gives you. Why would a Goddess need to see your pathetic little cock in that manner?

What are the payment methods available?
Depending on your preference, you can pay for your virtual session using your Credit Card (Stripe or PayPal) or Amazon Gift Card. If you are not comfortable with these options, you can work with Mistress Sabine to find a method that works for both parties.

I have a question, how can I get it answered?
Send an email to

  • Details

    • Virtual sessions are application based
    • Payment of $200 must be paid in full before session is confirmed
    • Mistress Sabine will direct the show
    • Same day requests are not granted, you need to plan ahead
    • You must be 18+ years old
    • No experience needed
    • Virtual sessions are built upon FemDom principles and not you fulfilling your perverted idea of the Mistress watching you pleasure your pathetic cock. You will serve, obey and submit.
  • Cost

  • The cost of a virtual session is $200. The duration of your session is at Mistress Sabine’s discretion. That means it’s in your best interest to be an obedient sub and work hard to please the Mistress.
  • Virtual session can be any length of time, some are a few minutes and are based upon short, intense play while other sessions can last for hours. It all depends on what your kinks are and if you can amuse the Mistress with your efforts.
  • In the form below you will be asked about your availability and how much time you can dedicate to your virtual session with Mistress Sabine.
  • What next?

  1. Fill out the application below
  2. If you are worthy, an email detailing payment and scheduling will be sent
  3. Pay for your session in full
  4. Your session will be booked/confirmed and Mistress Sabine will reach out via email
  5. Wait for your scheduled session