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Tip/Tributes are donations sent to Mistress Sabine to show a slaves, submissive or fans appreciation for the Mistress. Tributes sent are done so with the understanding that you choose the amount you feel comfortable sending and expect nothing in return.
Tributes are nonrefundable and do not hold the Mistress to any obligation. A tribute does not entitle those to anything in return from the Mistress. Tributes are sent on a donation basis only.
Tributes are not products as they are not representative of any exchange of good or service- of any kind. Tributes are a way for any and all fans, slaves or subs to send a token of their appreciation for the Mistress.
If you send a tribute you are not entitled to any level of interaction with the Mistress. You are simply sending her money to show you adore her from across the internet.  She will not meet you in person, she will not chat with you, she will not do anything in exchange for a tribute. You are simply showing her you adore her!
If you feel you do not fully understand the meaning of a tribute contact Mistress Sabine.