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I don’t want to send using my credit card, is there another way to tribute?

Send Amazon Gift Card | Send Etsy Gift Card

Send all gift cards to sabinestjack@gmail.com

Is it safe to send through your site?

If you go to the footer of this site (or her sister site onlineslavery.com) you will see both sites are verified secure by GoDaddy. The Mistress encourages you to research what that means and how you are protected. If you do not feel comfortable tipping here, send through Amazon! Mistress Sabine never wants her slaves or subs to feel unsafe or uncomfortable with their online purchases.

Is my information stored on this site?

Your information is not stored on this site- it is used to complete the transaction which is run through a secure 3rd party credit card processor.

Why can’t I tip through a site like IWC, NF, or C4S?

The Mistress enjoys money and doesn’t feel it’s worth her time or energy to work with a site that takes 40% of her profit. That is why she conducts all business through her personal sites where the security is guaranteed, the profits are higher and she can ensure her information remains anonymous as well as yours.