Primal Edge


Duration: 12 minutes
Participation: High
Arousal: High
Orgasms: Edging only

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You are about to lose total control. Your primal desires will rush over your body, arouse your sex, and take over. You will lose control when you listen to this file, you will edge yourself into ecstasy will trying to restrain yourself from an orgasm. I want you to think about your horny state of mind and how your body is tempted, seduced and craves attention. Bring those sensations, thoughts, and emotions forward.

When you are in that primal state of mind you can focus on nothing else, I will draw you in and I will give you the temptations you crave. Those temptations that you have felt in your body so many times before, they will come rushing back in. Soon you will feel your body begin to warm with arousal, with desire and the need to lose control.

This file is an edging JOI file.

Duration: 12 minutes
Participation: High
Arousal: High
Orgasms: Edging only


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I instantly was hers. It took literally 2 seconds there's no point in trying to resist Mistress is irresistible no point in trying to fight it you'll only Relapse and fall harder 🤤


When I saw this my initial thought was what is the point?!

Mistress will bring you to a heightened sense of arousal bringing you closer and closer to the edge, stopping before orgasm.

This has really taught me that I have been doing it wrong all these years.

I can edge for minutes even hours finding that spot and pulling back without orgasm. Eventually I can’t resist and the orgasm is amazing. Didn’t know I had so much cum and so tasty too!

By practicing edging makes penetrative sex even better as you can keep going for so much longer pulling back when needed and then finally releasing making your body tremble.

The Mistress’s instruction is so insightful, how does she know this stuff. She seems to understand how to manage my penis and body better than me!

I think that is the point I knew about fucking and wanking she knows about creating, maintaining arousal and how to pleasure yourself and others.

This is one tool to use regularly as the benefits are well worth it!

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