Naughty School Boy


Duration: 18 Minutes
Participation: Low
Arousal: High
Orgasm: Yes


You are a schoolboy who has been very, very naughty. You are my student and I notice you staring at me, examining my body. You can’t help it though, the site of me dressed in heels, a pencil skirt and my unbuttoned blouse is too much for you to handle. You are aroused as you sit behind your desk.

I see how excited you are and decide it is time for you to be punished. As you walk up to the front of the room you can hear the students whisper and giggle as they see your erection grow. You know I will punish you, I will make sure you are humiliated in front of the whole class. But how will I do it? Will I bring my cane out? Will I lay you over my knees and spank you? You will just have to listen and find out.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
it felt real. she is the best

Mistress Sabine St Jack is beyond comparison. I have been listening to files for years and she is the most talented, creative, seductive and drop dead gorgeous hypno mistress who ever lived. I just crave more OMG.


This is a hot one. It really got me horny. The domineering teacher is a classic. I will be listening to this a lot.
Thank you Mistress

A fantasy come true

Another beautiful hypno video from the Mistress. i first found her hypno files through her sissy CEI course and soon found myself here looking for more. This exact file has been my fantasy for so long. As a young sissy boy, i was punished with a ruler at school for being distracted and general disobedience, that's why this was the perfect file for me.
i got dressed up in my favorite slutty schoolgirl uniform and listened over and over again. My girly clitty was caged of course :) but i was really having a hard time holding back all of my excitement. i can't wait to get home and repeat yesterdays fun!

Simply amazing

i missed out on ever experiencing actual corporal punishment at school, but probably just as well as it would likely have been administered by some hairy middle age teacher.

This file brings together everything i could ever have fantasized about that one sexy teacher that most schools had and makes me wish i had the balls to be more naughty.