Keyholding Initiation (Step 2)


This is step 2 of the keyholding process (initiating service). If you are here that means you’ve already received your items from step 1 (either a Keyholding Package or an Evotion cage). Do not continue if you do not have your items from step 1.

Don’t forget to read your Keyholding Manual PDF document for definitions and other details pertaining to the info below.


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You are here because you need to submit, you need to feel the arousal of total control from Mistress Sabine. Your mundane life is about to turn into the erotic fantasies of the Mistress’ dark and perverse mind. She will take great pleasure in locking your cock up and toying with your ego, sex, and body. Throughout your keyholding experience, you will be under the Mistress’ watchful eye. You may be here because you want to experience dark kinks, let loose or perhaps you want to better your life through chastity and surrendering your cock. Whatever the reason- you are about to give over total control.

After you purchased your items in step 1, you were given access to Keyholding Manual PDF. If you have yet to read the document, do so before completing this step. That document goes into detail about this page and has an authorization code that is needed for this step. Check the FAQ tab if you need help finding the document again.

Remember, only complete the form above if you are ready to lock your cock up and send off the key!


What happens after I buy/initiate my keyholding service and complete the form above?

Once you complete step 2 (the page you are currently on) you will receive an email from Mistress Sabine within 72 hours. The email will detail exactly what needs to happen next. After you recieve that email, you will lock your cock up, and immediately send back the key in the yellow prepaid envelope found in your keyholding package from step 1. Your email will give you further details about how to send the key back. Once your key is in the Mistress’ hands, your keyholding duration will officially begin. You will get an additional email from the Mistress to confirm she has your key and give you a little summary of your personalized experience with her and be given access to your keyholding profile.

Only initiate service (complete the form above) when you are ready to lock your cock up! Your official lock-up duration begins once the Mistress has your spare key and has sent you a confirmation email.

Check your spam folder. If you still need help, send an email.

When do I send my key back to Mistress Sabine?

  • The short answer- after you initiate your keyholding experience (completing the form above).
  • The long answer- Once you are ready to lock your cock up, you will proceed and complete step 2 (the form above). Once you’ve completed step 2, you will immediately lock your cock up and send off the spare key by placing it in the yellow prepaid envelope that came with your Keyholding Package (or custom Evotion cage). Your official lock-up duration doesn’t begin until you send the Mistress your key and receive a confirmation email from her.

Only initiate service (complete the form above) once you are ready to send the key back. Plan your lock-up accordingly and take the time to figure out your schedule, learn how to put your device on, and get comfortable with the idea of sending away your key.

What is a bounty?

A bounty is a fee you must pay if you need to access your emergency key for any reason. Longer duration keyholding experiences will have a cheaper per week cost, but a higher bounty. The Mistress is gambling on your ability to stay locked up. How fun! For those in shorter duration lockups, the bounty is optional but the per week cost is higher (the highest being $60/week).

The Mistress knows your cock will be begging to be let out of its cage. She will wager that your will power is weak, your cock is all-consuming and she is ready to profit from its selfish nature. On the flip side, if you can stay caged up, you will have a cheap and easy keyholding experience.

I never got the PDF Keyholding Manual…

If you didn’t get the Keyholding Manual PDF document it either means you got it but didn’t realize it, or you didn’t buy a keyholding package from Mistress Sabine. If you did buy a Keyholding package from the Mistress (completed step 1), go back to your invoice for that purchase (found in your email) and redownload the document. You will see a link in the invoice, click on the title and it will download the file. Without that file, you will lack the necessary information to complete this step.

I have so many questions, can you help me out before I spend more money?

Yes, if you have questions, concerns or need clarification send an email to

Add Ons

Add ons are optional. Each add on you select will increase the overall cost of your experience. Depending on your duration this amount will fluctuate. Below you will find more details about each add-on that is available when you initiate your keyholding experience.

Personalized weekly task from the Mistress (The Mistress’ favorite add on) 

  • Summary: Weekly customized tasks given which revolve around your kinks, chastity or serving Mistress Sabine. If you select this add on you will be asked to send the Mistress you hard/soft limits, interests, and health status.
  • Method: Email
  • Privacy: Total anonymity available or reveal as much info/visuals as you’d like. You can also request to have the Mistress post your photo to her social media/web platforms.
  • Frequency: 1 task per week, usually given at the beginning of the workweek

Ideal for those who are kinky or wish to explore their kinky desires while being locked up. All tasks will be tailored to your kinky interests. This add on will not incorporate nonconsenting people.

Random Photo Verification (the Mistress’ second favorite add on)

  • Summary: The Mistress will randomly request proof that your cock is locked up and you are being a chaste subject. She will give you a task to verify your photo is original
  • Method: KIK messaging
  • Privacy: Total anonymity available or reveal as much info/visuals as you’d like. You can also request to have the Mistress post your photo to her social media/web platforms.
  • Frequency: No set frequency, the Mistress will keep it random

Ideal for those who like the risk of “getting caught” or fear they will have little self control in the process. The Mistress may punish you if you do not comply with her random verification request.

Photo of the Mistress Holding Your Key (the Mistress’ third favorite add on)

  • Summary: This add on will give you the privileged position of receiving a weekly photo update of Mistress Sabine holding your key.
  • Method: KIK messaging
  • Privacy: Total anonymity. The Mistress may share the photo of herself on social media but will not include your information.
  • Frequency: 1 photo per week

Ideal for those who enjoy seeing a physical representation of their locked status. Mistress Sabine will never appear nude in her photos but will ensure you are teased properly from afar.

Send weekly photo updates to the Mistress

  • Summary: Send the Mistress proof that you are locked up each day/week. This is different from Random Photo Verification in that you are in charge of sending a photo to the Mistress and you will not be reprimanded if you do not comply
  • Method: KIK messaging
  • Privacy: Total anonymity available or reveal as much info/visuals as you’d like You can also request to have the Mistress post your photo to her social media/web platforms
  • Frequency: You can send up to 2 photos a day to the Mistress or 14 photos each week

Ideal for those who want to be held accountable but don’t enjoy the idea of being punished for not following through or are quite busy.

Send weekly email check-ins to the Mistress

  • Summary: A word focused feature where you are permitted to talk about your experience locked up with Mistress Sabine. You can send photos in your email and give her details about your thoughts, feelings, and experience
  • Method: Sent to the Mistress’ personal email
  • Privacy: Total anonymity available or reveal as much info/visuals as you’d like. You can also request to have the Mistress post your photo to her social media/web platforms.
  • Frequency: 1 email per week

This is ideal for those who enjoy reflecting on their time locked up. You can remain anonymous with this add on.

After you initiate keyholding service, your confirmation email and keyholding profile will go into further detail about your selected add on’s (if any). For all add on’s you never need to reveal your identity and you don’t need to share your photos on the Mistress web platforms if you don’t want to. You can keep all photos, emails, and contact just between you and the Mistress.

The Mistress enjoys engaging with her chaste subjects and keeping an eye on their progress through add ons. It’s important to remember Mistress Sabine has boundaries and needs just as you do. Mistress Sabine will respect your boundaries- do the same in return.

If you ask for explicit photos of any kind, you will be blacklisted and your keyholding experience will be immediately terminated without refund.