Hitachi Magic Wand (new or used)


The Hitachi Magic Wand is Mistress Sabine’s go-to toy when she is ready to get frisky. Its intense vibrations are ideal for both men and women who want to experience the arousal of the best vibrating toy on the market. Mistress Sabine uses this toy on herself and provides one for slave chloe to use. The Mistress is always able to bring herself and her subjects to the edge with this toy.

If you select to buy the ‘used’ Hitachi from either the Mistress or her slave chloe, the Hitachi you will receive will be the toy currently being used.

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slave chloe in latex | With Sound
slave chloe Restrained with Hitachi | With Sound


The Hitachi Magic Wand is a timeless piece of technology that never goes out of style. Thousands of women and men can attest to the Hitachi Wand being a life-changing, 6,000 RPM, pleasure machine. The Magic Wand is Mistress Sabine’s go to toy for herself and her slutty slave chloe.

You are given the option to purchase a used Hitachi from either the Mistress or slave chloe. If you select that option you’ll be sent the wand that is currently in use.

Review the videos above to see slave chloe forced into an orgasmic state of bliss with her favorite toy.

Product Specifications

What’s Included

  • Depending on your selection above, you will receive a new or currently in use Magic Wand
  • New toys are unopened and ready to be used at your discretion
  • Used toys are the current version of this toy in use by Mistress Sabine or slave chloe (depending on your selection)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Properly Collared

I am now properly collared as I should be with the sound of a bell following my every step. My every move marked by the sound of the bell nestled on my neck.

A perfectly comfy collar where you forget you are wearing it until bell rings again.

All the more perfect to match with slave chloe.

sissy slut Kayla is very Happy!

I just received my Bondage Kit from Mistress Sabine St Jack & Chloe. As expected with everything Mistress does... it was First Class in the gift bag,ties to restraints tied and even a personal note closed with a wax seal! Who does that anymore?

The Bondage Kit is like new except for some lipstick residue from Chloe which I will treasure as long as possible. The collar is very rigid like a posture collar should be. I was going to wear it for the rest of my work day but decided against that.

I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase and I can let my imagination run wild thinking of the events that occurred with the previous Owners. In a way, I feel Owned by the incomparable Mistress Sabine St Jack. Christmas came early for this lucky sissy slut.

Thank YOU Mistress & chloe

The Finest Champagne in All The Land

The product I bought for this order included 200ml from the Mistress and 200 ml from slave Chloe. This is the first time I bought myself champagne from slave Chloe.

I am on a strict champagne diet and buy two 8 oz. bottles twice a month from Mistress Sabine. She has changed the bottle size to 6.75 oz but the flask shape was easier to hide and carry around at work. It also ended up being cheaper per oz so all is good.

I like morning pee because the strong smell is my favorite. The Mistress has added a self-sealing top on the 200 ml bottle, you get the fresh crack sound when opening the bottle which I admit gives me shivers.

I bought champagne online before (using twitter) and it was water. How do I know? I tested it. It was a terrible lesson and put me off of buying again until I found Mistress Sabine's.

Ill keep buying from Mistress Sabine since I now have a solid year of buying history to tell me hers is the best.