Dildo Reprogramming


Duration: 14 Minutes
Participation: High
Arousal: High
Orgasms: Yes


Have you wondered what you should do to train your sex with your new dildo? This file will introduce you to a fun, sensual, sexy and rhythmic way you can play with your dildo. This file can be used for individual or couples play and is perfect for all genders. You will encourage your body to naturally relax and ease you into your submission, hypnotic state, and intense arousal. By the end of this file, you will be familiar with your dildo and how to use it to its full potential. This file is extremely arousing and will leave you begging more. This file is ideal for those who are familiar and are new to dildo + ass play.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
dildo fun for dayz

this video let me slip into a trance and helped me guide my dildo into my bum. a nice combo of trance and play/joi. fun.

fucking awesome

so horny when i found this video. It scratched by hypnosis and JOI itch ;)

Tight ass

my ass is tight since i just started olaying. this was perfect to ease my big black dildo in my small ass.