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Unleash your primal desires and escape reality. The Mistress is redefining what it means to interact with a Dominatrix online. For those who need a fully immersed experience, VR FemDom will become your next vice.

The Mistress wants you to get lost in your new vice, through the customization of your VR experience, you can make your kink your new playground. Custom virtual reality content is created when you select your desired VR environment + your favorite avatar + your favorite Erotic Hypnosis clip.

All custom VR videos are on a request basis. You must request a quote to initiate the process of purchasing your custom VR video.

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Featured Videos
Sabines Dungeon Erotic Hypnosis VR | With Sound
Sabines Apartment VR *Preview* | No Sound
Sabines Jail Cell VR *Preview* | No Sound


Unleash your primal desires and escape reality. The Mistress is redefining what it means to interact with a Dominatrix online. For those who need a fully immersed experience, VR FemDom will become your next vice.

The Mistress wants you to get lost in your new vice, through the customization of your VR experience, you can make your kink your new playground. Custom virtual reality content is created when you select your desired VR environment + your favorite avatar + your favorite Erotic Hypnosis clip.

  • You are given a choice of 3 separate VR environments to choose from- the Dungeon, the Jail cell or the Sabine’s loft
  • You are given a choice of 3 avatars to choose from- the Gimp, the Slut, the Inmate, or the Average Joe
  • You are given a choice of 10+ Erotic Hypnosis files

Use the form below to better understand how custom VR works. When you start to fill out the form, you will be given examples of the audio or visuals you are selecting. This will ensure you know what you are requesting and mixing together. Remember, this is a request and you will not be permitted to purchase the custom VR content until it is approved by the Mistress.

The Video which has red walls, audio playing, and Sabine in the corner, has the following components*:

VR Environment= Dungeon
Avatar= Average Joe
FemDom Audio= Brainwashed slave

*This video can be found in the “featured videos” and is the first one available for you to select

How to Purchase a custom VR video:

  • Request a quote from the Mistress
  • From the options in the gray tabs, tell her which avatar, VR environment and Erotic Hypno video you want. Select your VR environment

The reselling of any content is prohibited
Mistress Sabine owns the video and has all rights associated with it’s content/production.
Payments must be made in full before production can begin
All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges of any kind unless an error on the production side is made

VR Enviroment Options

VR environments are the ‘rooms’ in which your avatar will be sitting. VR environments are each unique and offer different surroundings, experiences, and can be combined with any avatar and erotic hypnosis. Previews do not have sound but custom VR videos will. While you cannot walk around in your VR environment you can look around, check out your body, and be fully enveloped in your experience.

You will have the option of the three examples below for the environment in which you will be placed in.

St. Jack Dungeon Preview

Oh no! you’ve been taken to Mistress Sabine’s dungeon and left there as a worthless plaything to be used and abused at the Mistress’ discretion. She knows just the thought of being in her dungeon is arousing- but wait until you see her in latex, ready to torment your mind.

In this VR environment, you will be sitting in front of a screen and forced to watch your selected Erotic Hypnosis as the Mistress touches herself behind you.

Sabine’s Downtown Loft Preview

Want to get personal with Mistress Sabine? Join her in her downtown loft and get well acquainted with how she lives. Her posh palace is one of a kind- what will happen when you enter into her personal domain? In this VR environment, you will sit in front of Mistress Sabine’s TV as you take in her Erotic Hypnosis.

Jail Cell at the Reformatory Preview

You’ve been taken to Mistress Sabine’s personal jail cell where only the naughtiest of slaves must go. What will happen to you? Will the Mistress lock you up and throw away the key? This VR environment places you in an authentic jail cell and projects your erotic hypnosis onto the silver screen in front of you. This VR environment is ideal for those who enjoy the sensations of fear and the stern implications of being locked up and used for the Mistress’ pleasure.

Avatar Options

In your VR environment, you will be able to select your avatar. Each avatar is different and will lend to an experience that is completely up to you. All Avatars will have small movements and gestures and can move their heads along with you. All Avatars are bound in some fashion, some have caged cocks, breasts, or other teasing features. Avatars are stationary and while they cannot walk around, their bodies move and you have control of their heads- meaning you can look around.

You can select one avatar from the options below, your avatar will be placed in the VR environment of your choosing.

The Gimp

The gimp is fully encased in latex and their cock is caged. The gimp has no other desire but to be used and abused for Mistress Sabine’s pleasure. The gimp is wearing a leather harness, has locked ballet slippers, and has ankle shackles. The gimp is just an object to be manipulated.

The Inmate

The inmate has escaped but was recaptured and is now held at the Mistress’ mercy. What will she do with this escapee? The inmate is ready to be subjugated to the cruelest of intentions- he knows what he did was wrong, he knows he must pay for his mistakes. The inmate is seen in his prison uniform and is bound at the waist, foot, and wrists with metal restraints. He has been very naughty.

The Slut

The slut is notoriously naughty and will try to get away with as much as ‘she’ can. While the slut has breasts, her caged cock is also visible- she is the perfect androgynous avatar. The slut is wearing her favorite corset, has latex covered hands restrained with handcuffs, fishnet stockings, ballet slippers, and is ready to please Mistress Sabine in any slutty way imaginable.

The Average Joe

The average joe is the most vanilla of all Mistress Sabine’s subjects. He is trepidatious about his kink and feels intimidated by the power of Mistress Sabine. The average joe is wearing metal handcuffs but otherwise able to move. He is wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, the most average of all men and could easily be you in real life. He is scared but aroused.


Erotic Hypnosis Video Options

You’ve selected your VR environment, you’ve selected your avatar now it is time to select which Erotic Hypnosis you want to have listen to/watch while in your VR environment. Each VR environment is equipped with a screen which each avatar sits in front of. Erotic Hypnosis clips have already been created and are currently for sale in Mistress Sabine’s Shop. If you have a custom audio clip, you may add it to your custom VR environment.

In summary, in this section, you will select a pre-existing Erotic Hypnosis clip that has visuals and audio. The visual and audio components from your selected clip are then projected into the VR environment to allow your avatar to watch and listen. You will have a fully immersive experience.

After you read the descriptions below, tell the Mistress which Erotic Hypno video you want. She will send you a preview of your desired clip. Your erotic hypnosis options are:

Naughty School Boy
Male to Female
Chastity Slave
Truth Potion
Primal Edge
Or you can have the Mistress create a custom Erotic file for you.

Naughty School Boy

You are a schoolboy who has been very, very naughty. You are my student and I notice you staring at me, examining my body. You can’t help it though, the site of me dressed in heels, a pencil skirt and my unbuttoned blouse is too much for you to handle. You are aroused as you sit behind your desk.

I see how excited you are and decide it is time for you to be punished. As you walk up to the front of the room you can hear the students whisper and giggle as they see your erection grow. You know I will punish you, I will make sure you are humiliated in front of the whole class. But how will I do it? Will I bring my cane out? Will I lay you over my knees and spank you? You will just have to listen and find out.

Duration: 18 minutes

Male to Female Preview

I know you long to be part of the girls club, to embrace your inner female and transform from a man to a beautiful, delicate, docile woman. You will rediscover what it means to be the perfect woman as we explore the hidden corners of your mind. Your body and mind will be transformed from a male to female state. You will feel your breasts grown into their supple state with each breath.

You will see your hips slowly grow as your mind and body transform. You will better understand the underlying meaning of what it means to be the perfect woman while learning how to maintain a desirable female state of mind.

Duration: 12 minutes

Chastity Slave

Admit it, your cock controls you. You have no power in the matter. Your cock is sex-obsessed, it’s ravenous need to feel pleasure consumes your every thought. The lengths you go to, to satiate its hunger is astonishing. You have become addicted to quenching your cocks needs, its urges, and its fantasies. You feel helpless in the matter, you have given in to its demands, and unquenchable urges.

Your sex can be dangerous, devious, and destructive. On many occasions, you have almost crossed that invisible line. That line between morally, legally, and socially acceptable. I am going to retrain you will ensure your cock no longer controls you but you must do something in return. You must abstain, refrain from the urges of your cock. Its powers are all-consuming, that is why you must lock your cock-up. You will become my chastity slave!

Duration: 15 minutes

Truth Potion

From the beginning, you will be under my spell. You will lack the faculties to hold your secrets back, it’s inevitable you will divulge your secrets to me. Those who are honest are obedient, and those who are obedient are owned. It is obvious you crave my domination, you need to be owned- for it’s your true state. You want to be owned, don’t you?

The pure release of obedience is what you need and you can prove your submission with your honesty can’t you? Now is your chance to prove your devotion, to prove your submission, and to divulge that dark secret that looms over you. Let your Mistress carry the burden of your deeds, let me release you from your sins.

Note: This file is fun to use with the aid of teasing intoxicants (whichever you like best). All consumption should be done by those of legal age and in a state or country when your intoxicant is legal. By purchasing this audio Mistress Sabine is in no way encouraging illegal activity. This file is filled with intense subliminal messages. Use moderation with your intoxicants and be safe. This audio file will not bring you back to reality at the end. Proceed with caution.

Duration: 12 minutes

Primal Edge

You are about to lose total control. Your primal desires will rush over your body, arouse your sex, and take over. You will lose control when you listen to this file, you will edge yourself into ecstasy while trying to restrain yourself from an orgasm. I want you to think about your horny state of mind and how your body is tempted, seduced, and craves attention. Bring those sensations, thoughts, and emotions forward.

When you are in that primal state of mind you can focus on nothing else, I will draw you in and I will give you the temptations you crave. Those temptations that you have felt in your body so many times before, will come rushing back in. Soon you will feel your body begin to warm with arousal, desire, and the need to lose control.

Duration: 12 minutes


The desired duration will determine the overall cost of your VR request. Your selected erotic hypnosis file will be interjected into your VR environment which will in turn, determine your duration.

  • 10 minutes |$200
  • 15 minutes | $300
  • 20 minutes | $400

VR Details

This is a virtual reality video, you need a VR headset or a smartphone configured as a VR player to watch this file. This VR video is created as a 360-degree monoscopic format, with a resolution of 3840×1920 and at 30 FPS. Monoscopic video is filmed using one camera per field of view from one single point of view.

Most smart phones configured as VR players and VR players such as Ocululs and Vive make it easy to view this type of video with native video setting in each player. Ensure your VR player is configured for Monoscopic 360-Degree format.


Why are some reviews verified and others are not?

Verified: Means the customer has purchased the item directly from Mistress Sabine’s shop and has reviewed their purchase

Not Verified: Means the customer is part of the Members Lounge, has purchased the item without signing in/creating an account (aka guest checkout) or has listened to the file through a third party site when Mistress Sabine used to sell her content on other platforms. Those who are Members on this site have full access to all videos on the site and are encouraged to review their experience for the public. They are not given the badge of verification because they do not purchase the individual files in the same manner a one-time purchaser does.

To learn more about the Members Lounge and all the benefits, click here.

Why doesn’t the Mistress sell on other major platforms?

3rd party sites like Clips4Sale, iWantClips, Niteflirt, etc. all take a large percentage of all artist’s revenue. This means when you purchase anything on this site (including sending tips or tributes) 100% of the money goes to Mistress Sabine. In addition to losing 40% revenue on 3rd party sites, all artists are limited in the words they can use in descriptions. This means many words are banned from an artist’s description of their product for example: hypnosis, hypnotize, pee, urine, nectar, etc.

This information is true for all content creators. It is important that you understand on big-name platforms (like the ones mentioned above) they must limit, restrict and censor artists content on top of taking a hefty commission, that is why you should always tip your favorite content creators after you purchase an item. No one likes a cheap sub, show your appreciation.

Mistress Sabine understands the laws around erotic content of all kinds are strict and the best way to ensure she can sell her content how she wants to is to make her own storefront. When you buy directly from Mistress Sabine, you are supporting all the hard work she puts into ensuring you have a good experience and a direct link to her content.

Can I get a refund for my purchase of an Erotic Audio?

Mistress Sabine does not offer refunds or exchanges for any Erotic Audio you may have purchased. This is due to the fact that some subs intend to abuse the system by purchasing material and then asking for a refund while still retaining the audio they were refunded for.

How can I ensure my personal details are kept safe?

Mistress Sabine uses secure sites like PayPal and Stripe to process all transactions. This means more anonymity for the buyer (you) and security for Mistress Sabine. If you go to the footer of this site (or her sister site you will see both sites are verified secure by GoDaddy. The Mistress encourages you to research what that means and how you are protected. Mistress Sabine never wants her slaves or subs to feel unsafe or uncomfortable with their online purchases if you have further questions or concerns send an email by clicking here.

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