Custom Erotic Hypnosis

Do you ache for Mistress Sabine’s voice, commands and instructions? You can now direct your fantasies with custom Erotic Hypnosis from Mistress Sabine. Mistress Sabine understands it can sometimes take that extra special touch to really excite the senses. Purchase your very own custom Erotic Hypnosis and get lost in Mistress Sabine’s sensual, sadistic and seductive voice.

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Custom Erotic Hypnosis files are request based and must be selected by the Mistress. If she does not like your idea for the file, doesn’t feel the script you have sent her will work or your request does not align with her values as a Dominatrix, she will not accept your request for a custom file. To access the Custom Erotic Hypnosis request form, click on the red button above that says ‘view’ or click here.

Custom Erotic Hypnosis files once completed are sent through email or google files depending on the length of the product. Access to your file will never expire and can be directly downloaded to your device for safe storage.

Payments are only required if your request for a custom audio file has been accepted. If your request is accepted an email will be sent your way which will review everything you need to know before making your payment.


Why are some reviews verified and others are not?

Verified: Means the customer has purchased the item directly from Mistress Sabine’s shop and has reviewed their purchase

Not Verified: Means the customer is part of the Members Lounge, has purchased the item without signing in/creating an account (aka guest checkout) or has listened to the file through a third party site when Mistress Sabine used to sell her content on other platforms. Those who are Members on this site have full access to all videos on the site and are encouraged to review their experience for the public. They are not given the badge of verification because they do not purchase the individual files in the same manner a one-time purchaser does.

To learn more about the Members Lounge and all the benefits, click here.

Why does the Mistress not sell on other major platforms?

3rd party sites like Clips4Sale, iWantClips, Niteflirt, etc. all take a large percentage of all artist’s revenue. This means when you purchase anything on this site (including sending tips or tributes) 100% of the money goes to Mistress Sabine. In addition to losing 40% revenue on 3rd party sites, all artists are limited in the words they can use in descriptions. This means many words are banned from an artist’s description of their product for example: hypnosis, hypnotize, pee, urine, nectar, etc.

This information is true for all content creators. It is important that you understand on big-name platforms (like the ones mentioned above) they must limit, restrict and censor artists content on top of taking a hefty commission, that is why you should always tip your favorite content creators after you purchase an item. No one likes a cheap sub, show your appreciation.

Mistress Sabine understands the laws around erotic content of all kinds are strict and the best way to ensure she can sell her content how she wants to is to make her own storefront. When you buy directly from Mistress Sabine, you are supporting all the hard work she puts into ensuring you have a good experience and a direct link to her content.

Can I get a refund for my purchase of an Erotic Audio?

Mistress Sabine does not offer refunds or exchanges for any Erotic Audio you may have purchased. This is due to the fact that some subs intend to abuse the system by purchasing material and then asking for a refund while still retaining the audio they were refunded for.

How can I ensure my personal details are kept safe?

Mistress Sabine uses secure sites like PayPal and Stripe to process all transactions. This means more anonymity for the buyer (you) and security for Mistress Sabine. If you go to the footer of this site (or her sister site you will see both sites are verified secure by GoDaddy. The Mistress encourages you to research what that means and how you are protected. Mistress Sabine never wants her slaves or subs to feel unsafe or uncomfortable with their online purchases if you have further questions or concerns send an email by clicking here.

Customer Reviews

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another pefect video

I used to have a fantasy role play scene in my head for a long time, I live in a small town that made a live session out of the question. This was my 3rd purchase from Miss Sabine. Each video I bought my urges to surrender & grew also in intensity. The audio was worth the price. I am obsessed and now left in a subby head space that is realllly arousing.

Simply amazing custom file

i have been listening to various Dommes' Hypno files for some years now, with mixed success. i was so impressed with Mistress Sabine's style from her standard file that i ordered a 15 minute custom file.

It's incredible. Her voice is mesmerising and her script expertly crafted to my needs. i put it on a one hour loop and had the deepest, most simultaneously relaxing and arousing trance i have ever experienced.

i am hooked already and have already ordered another custom file.

I'm hooked

A fabulous sissy file to reinforce my true nature as a sissy closeted cross dresser. This sissy bought a custom sissy file with the idea of adding into the custom VR environment. So happy i did.
This was an expensive file which i have been on the edge about buying but it's close to x-mas so I decided to spoil myself (;
No regrets for this sissy!!!


I've had a fantasy for a while that I haven't been able to find for a long time in any other porn so i finally bit the bullet and asked for a custom file. It was amazing. Mistress Sabine made my fantasy come to life and it was well worth the money