Chastity Slave


This file is for those who want to reinforce their role as a submissive who is locked in chastity.


Admit it, your cock controls you. You have no power in the matter. Your cock is sex-obsessed, it’s ravenous need to feel pleasure consumes your every thought. The lengths you go to, to satiate its hunger is astonishing. You have become addicted to quenching your cocks needs, its urges and its fantasies. You feel helpless in the matter, you have given in to its demands, and unquenchable urges. Your sex can be dangerous, devious and destructive. On many occasions, you have almost crossed that invisible line. That line between morally, legally and socially acceptable. I am going to retrain you will ensure your cock no longer controls you but you must do something in return. You must abstain, refrain from the urges of your cock. Its powers are all-consuming, that is why you must lock your cock-up. You will become my chastity slave!

Duration: 15 minutes
Participation: Low
Arousal: High
Orgasms: Optional

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Here are the keys!

I have been in and out of chastity over the years and have a strong need to return. My cock has been dominating my submission and needs controlling.

So when this file was released I thought perfect timing, Mistress is a mind reader. This is the support I need.

Mistress’s seductive voice along with the relaxing soundtrack takes you deep into submission. You know you need chastity. She helps you realise the domination of your cock and how it must be locked up. You hand her the keys, at last release into submission.

This is the tool I need and I use it at night and my sleep has improved and I wake up feeling more relaxed and energised. I aim to stay locked up 24/7 and with this file I am in a good place.

Thank You Mistress

Slave Jay