Brainwashed Slave | VR


Virtual Reality Erotic Hypnosis

Duration: 11 Minutes
Participation: Medium
Arousal: Medium
Orgasm: Optional
File Size: 267 MB


I am going to brainwash you into the perfect slave, I will infiltrate your psyche and leave you in a state of temptation, a state of desire and a state of total submission. I am going to fuck with your mind, I will make sure you fully understand how you can serve me because you are about to become my slave, your body will soon become my property and you will learn what it means to serve me fully.

Do you think you have what it take to be a good, obedient slave? You will learn what it means to trust my dominance without question. Your submission is a gift, it is a gift which I will cherish and adore, but without your submission, without your obedience- you have nothing to offer. Come learn how to be a proper, subservient slave for me. This file is ideal for all genders.

This is a virtual reality clip. It is the same visuals/ audio from Brainwashed Slave except in VR form.

Duration: 11 minutes
Participation: Medium
Arousal: Medium
Orgasm: Optional
File size: 267 MB

VR Details

This is a virtual reality video, you need a VR headset or a smartphone configured as a VR player to watch this file. This VR video is created as a 360-degree monoscopic format, with a resolution of 3840×1920 and at 30 FPS. Monoscopic video is filmed using one camera per field of view from one single point of view.

Most smartphones configured as VR players and VR players such as Oculus and Vive make it easy to view this type of video with native video settings in each player. Ensure your VR player is configured for Monoscopic 360-Degree format.

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Customer Reviews

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This is not hypnosis, this is my dream scenario !

Being held captive by Her until my mind break into total submission for Her.