Seductive Manipulation

You have entered into a world which is unparalleled to anything you have experienced before. Mistress Sabine St. Jack will take you on an Erotic journey filled with triggers, subliminal messages, brainwashing and other tactical influences to ensure you are bound to Her. Her style of Domination is not one you have seen before, Her Erotic Hypnosis is far beyond that of simple words and swirls on a screen. She has taken the art of submission through Erotic Hypnosis and diverted it through the lens of Female Domination, submission and complete control of the mind.

Her seductive yet manipulative approach to Erotic Hypnosis comes from years of study with Her subs and slaves in live sessions. Although Mistress Sabine has retired from live sessions, each detail of Her Erotic Hypnosis is guided by the experiences from those lives session. Mistress Sabine’s calculated approach will force your subconscious to properly serve, obey and submit.

Look closely, listen with intent and see if you can spot the hidden secrets of Mistress Sabine St. Jack.

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