Sabine’s has many written testaments of devotion from Her slaves, subs, fetishists, masochists and sissy friends. Not all who write Her will be allowed to have their work up on Her site. Sabine updates these written acts of devotion and praises every quarter.

Those who demonstrate the proper use of grammar and can accurately yet eloquently describe their session will have a better chance of seeing their praise made public.

To submit your verbal praises, email Sabine at

Mistress Sabine, I have been in the BDSM scene for many, many years but there has been no Mistress quite like you. From the moment I stepped into your door I knew I was going to be in for a treat. Your patience and practice of your craft made me feel like I was taken to a new world. I was able to enter subspace right away as you guided me through my session. I will serve you to the best of my ability and let you use my body for your pleasure. It is an honor to be in your space. I look forward to obeying you again soon.JM
Mistress, What can I say that would communicate my experience adequately? I am not new to this. I began seeing Mistress Sabine after my former Mistress recommended Her. My former Mistress was moving too far for me to make our arrangement tenable. I was apprehensive at first, but after my first session, that all changed. Mistress Sabine different is such the right way. Sensual, and humblingly attractive, I found myself enamored at first, and unsure if I could merge my D/s needs with such beauty. I was worried I would be too self-conscious. With a total lack pretention Mistress Sabine allayed those concerns, with the confidence of someone that has the experience and mastery of this craft. From our conversations I found that She is the real deal, She is more than a day-player, She lives the life of a true Domina.RT
I would play solo if it weren’t for the extra help and supervision needed to make sure I come out of things okay. Sabine is an excellent facilitator and over the course of our sessions I have found myself placing more and more control over my experience in Her hands. She is a total professional and I trust Her with my life. I have begun to experience new emotions and have even surprised myself with what a good, safe and guided session can look like. Mistress Sabine is one of a kind.KL
Mistress, I have some peculiar and less known fetishes that I wanted to explore with the Mistress. I first applied to serve Her by having a chat session. The Mistress was very professional when talking about my fetishes and made me feel assured in my desires, I haven’t experienced that kind of acceptance in a long time. After we had a chat session I scheduled a live play session and asked the Mistress to try my kink into our session. The Mistress was so calm and steady in Her movements, I even forgot what I was asking was not something very common. By the end of our time together I felt like I was able to accept myself and my kink better, the Mistress is my new therapy.RB
Dear Mistress Sabine, I will prove my devotion to you in everyway and will continue to do so for as long as you will have me. Serving such a powerful and beautiful woman is a dream come true. You were able to hone in on my need for submission right away. Many people don’t find doing errands and chores for their Mistress very rewarding, yet you were able to understand my need for these tasks without even asking me. You are intuitive, beautiful and should be seen by all as the most amazing Mistress out there. The way you understand and view the human mind and body is calming, energizing and always leaves me asking for more. How can I prove my need to please to such a lovely goddess?CK