Sabine’s has many written testaments of devotion from Her slaves, subs, fetishists, masochists and sissy friends. Not all who write Her will be allowed to have their work up on Her site.

Those who demonstrate the proper use of grammar and can accurately yet eloquently describe their session will have a better chance of seeing their praise made public.

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Mistress Sabine, First of all, once again, I must thank you for having me back in the Oak Manor. And although I was much less terrified this time, I was still fearful of being in your presence. There is a certain unknown that I feel the days and moments leading up to our session time. ‘Will I screw something up?’ ‘Where will Mistress take this session?’ ‘I hope I’m good enough.’ Being bound to the St. Andrew’s Cross gave me time to reflect on how much I enjoy the BDSM aspect of the session. I love it so much that I feel guilty. The sensations that are brought on by the twine, chains, and clips are intoxicating. I am ashamed though, at the lack of pain that I feel like I can take and handle. It was only after you withheld the whip or cane, at my flinching, that I instantly wanted more. Through the pain, my mind was begging to go further and I was left wanting more, even if my body didn’t feel like it could take it. I personally want to work more on taking the pain. The second half of the session has been a little harder for me to process. Not because it was physically ‘hard’ but because it was mentally tough. I’m not ashamed and I don’t regret it. In fact, I’m thankful for the experience and, although it’s not something I would personally request again, if you required it of me, I would submit. It’s a strange and odd fantasy that can now be crossed off my list. Thank you for taking me there. I’m continually blown away whenever I look back on our sessions at how great of a Mistress you are. Every move you make is thoughtful and articulated. From the fear that your heels instill in me as I hear you walk away or pacing back and forth to the way my body flinches as you pause after a count, making sure I’m paying attention as to not miss a strike or a ‘Thank you Mistress’. I’m careful not to forget what key I need to unlock my clothes, although I’m very curious what would happen if I did. I don’t want to find out as I feel it would not be pleasant or fun for me, let alone the fact that it would be disrespectful to you and a gesture of wasting your time. I’m already looking forward to our next session and what ways I will be stretched and pushed. I hope that I’ve proven myself a good sub and that we could, perhaps, add another protocol on top of the other two…at your will though. I plan on going shopping tomorrow for a pair of panties, as you requested. I look forward to wearing them once a month until the next time we have a session. I have saved the twine that was tied to me as a reminder of your dominance. Thank you again for your guidance.sub
In the days leading up to my session with Miss Sabine, I would sometimes find my heart racing, trying to catch up with thoughts too quick to grasp. My cheeks would flush with the anxiety of the new experience I was approaching. I was afraid of feeling foolish, ugly, and even sinful. However, surprisingly, when the day finally came and I found myself walking up the stairs to her door, those worries faded with the echoes of my footsteps. When the door opened, I caught one glimpse of her face before I reminded myself to look down. She greeted me with a smile and capped my name with an exclamation point. I immediately felt welcome. She led me into her Reformatory where I glimpsed quickly around the room: a giant dildo stood erect in one area (“Oh my God, I’m not ready for that!” I thought), a cage was to the left (“Intriguing…”), and to the right, a make-up chair (“Oh please, oh please!”). We sat and discussed safe words, what brought me to her, and what led to my particular interests. Perhaps this wasn’t meant to be therapy, but it was quite therapeutic to be so honest and vulnerable. I didn’t feel stupid or ashamed of my confessions and thought there may have been a trace of empathy around her wicked, knowing smile. Miss Sabine then led me to the dressing room and ordered me to strip naked. I knew this was coming and forced myself not to hesitate. After all, I had shaved around my cock, tweezed the hair around my nipples, and removed the hair from my underarms; why turn back now? I brought many panties and dresses for her to choose my outfit from. After she made her selection, she applied makeup to my face. Fully dressed, we moved on to high-heel training where I clumsily strutted around the room followed by my even more clumsy attempts to deepthroat her electric dildo. Feeling her foot pressed against the back of my head, exerting just enough pressure to keep me in place to gag on her cock, was an exquisite sensation. There was a brief intermission where I was bent over the cage and my ass flogged— a deserved punishment for having interrupted the Mistress and for looking directly at her earlier. The final activity was one of sensory deprivation and overwhelming touch. While blindfolded, ears filled with music and bound to a chair, the Mistress would trace her fingers across my skin. Such wonderful sensations were broken up by long stretches of isolation, leaving me limp and frustrated. In the end, the experience I had with Miss Sabine was stunning in how cathartic it was. To be around a woman with such confidence, power, professionalism, and beauty, to be accepted by her, to be trained by her, is an honor. As I left her Reformatory and the sounds of my footfalls returned to my feet, I also felt in the right place, at the right time.sissy slut j
Dear Mistress Sabine, I remember parking outside your building before my very first session ever. I sat there for an hour recalling my past experience as a submissive and what my future might hold. Before meeting you, my only experience was with online servitude. I had always been the one putting clamps on my nipples or things up my ass but never had these tasks been delivered by another person’s hand. I will never forget the first time you put a collar on me, it was exhilarating. Being tied to your bed frame about to experience my first flogging caused my heart to race. When the flog hit my ass for the first time it was a rush of excitement. I also really enjoyed having you run your fingertips across my body and through my hair. You are very good at teasing and toying with me. The blindfold you put over my eyes was a new experience and it did heighten my sensitivity. But seeing all the toys hanging from the wall was something that turned me on so much! When I crawled over by your bed I saw the fucking machine on the ground. I don’t know why it caught my eye, but at that moment my mind started to race with all the possibilities you had to abuse me! From the simplest idea of pinching my nipples to the extreme idea of you strapping me down and letting that machine destroy my ass! A million scenarios crossed my mind. By the time you were done flogging, caning and spanking me with the ridding crop my ass was bright red, warm and tingly. I loved when you used me as a seat to cane my ass! I’m sure I was squirming from the pain, but I was so turned on! The medical room was very well designed and equipped, I had a great time being abused and teased by you in there as well. I remember you smacking my balls one time, but I didn’t feel any pain! My head was already in a daze from all the stimulation and excitement going on. By the end of our first session, I was craving more. The hour we spent together was amazing. I felt safe and free to indulge in my secret fantasies in a way that I had never been able to before. I immediately scheduled another session when I got home that night and I wish I would have looked at the weather forecast beforehand. I didn’t even think about it being so hot, but I’m very thankful you had put in the effort to make me comfortable by having a cold shower for me. (even though it was freezing). Having that collar and leash put on me again gave me the same butterflies as the first time! The chair you strapped me to was very cool, but I just had a hard time with the whole hypnosis and the breathing thing. I don’t want this to sound like I’m complaining because I’m not. I just want to provide an authentic and real reflection. Having you pinch my nipples and run your finger over my lips was very seductive and when you clawed my chest my chastity cage began to get really tight! Overall I’ve had a great experience and can’t wait to plan another meeting to indulge my fantasies with you mistress, I can’t wait for the next time I get the privilege to be in your presence and serve you more Ms. Sabine.slave s
Miss Sabine, I was terrified of stepping into The Reformatory for my first session today. Terrified of what? Of the unknown, of letting you down, and the idea of exploring things that, up until this point, have only be thought about. I made sure to study your protocols beforehand as to be sure to not slip up. I did not want to disappoint and make a bad first impression. Your elegance was comforting yet intimidating. I suddenly understood and appreciated being allowed into your presence and quickly didn’t feel worthy enough. As our time unfolded, I was led with your direction to submit. I learned a lot but still feel like I have room to grown. You were patient yet stern with me. I was caught off guard as soon as you greeted me by name and humbled by your beauty. I enjoyed learning that I was for your amusement. I tried to take each strike of the flog with humility. I reflect back and yearn for more. Being then bound to the cage, I was in no position to misbehave or disobey. I was taken back with the breath play and greatly enjoyed the firmness of your hand by which it was brought upon me. And finally, when cleaning up my mess on the floor, I reflected back on the deep desires buried within my mind, I realized that I was in the presence of greatness. I’m still coming down from the experience and will reflect upon it for weeks to come, reliving the moments. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to enter your domain. I can only hope for another chance to serve you, allowing you to use me as you wish.Slave c
Good Evening Mistress Sabine, Thank you for your message. I had an amazing experience and am very thankful for your time and attention. I am feeling great and am already looking forward to our next session. My experience today was by far one of the best sessions I have ever had. I came into the session with a great sense of excitement and enthusiasm. My entire week after our brief chat the previous Monday had caused me to think of nothing else besides the endless possibilities of our session. I arrived at your dungeon the most excited and happy I have felt in a very long time. When you opened the door and I saw just how stunning and elegant you were I knew that I had made the right choice in coming to see you. I am so grateful that you chose to allow me in your presence and for you to give me your precious time and attention in your absolutely amazing dungeon. Being ordered to strip while you watched me made me so very excited and naughty. Simultaneously, I had a great sense of relief knowing that my clothing and valuables were secured in your locker. While I knew nothing would happen to them; it did give me a sense of security and allowed me not to worry about them and to concentrate solely on the session. As a crawled on my hands and knees I was filled with anticipation for what was about to come. Being clawed, beat, smacked, whipped, and flogged was exactly what I needed and you performed flawlessly. My skin was hot and sensitive from all the attention which I could feel my skin turning red from. The added attention and torment to my nipples elevated the pleasure from the scene. Furthermore, the addition of a hood and gag completed the scene and allowed me to fully appreciate the torment with an all-new perspective from being deprived of sight. Being led to the medical playroom with such a firm grasp from you made me even more excited and filled with anticipation. From our chat, I knew the medical play was of significant interest to you and I was partly filled with anxiety at what possibly laid ahead for me. Being so securely fastened and restrained only added to my excitement. Similarly to our previous position, the addition of such direct attention to my nipples only made the scene stronger and more sensitive. The use of the violent want and pin-wheel added in the pain to my most sensitive areas however your skilled hands brought both much-needed pain and pleasure to me. I was very very grateful for Mistress allowing me release. I know that in the future I must work my hardest to be in your good graces for such a prize. I already and filled with excitement and anticipation for our next session and I can not wait to see what Mistress has in store for me.a
Good Morning Mistress Sabine St.Jack, i will open with an apology, my writing is not the best and unfortunately for me, i don’t have words in my vocabulary to express the beauty you possess. Mistress Sabine St.Jack knows her Power and is not afraid to let it be known. The ability she has to take command leaves me helpless and wanting more. The few times that i have had the privilege to serve her have been nothing less than amazing. The only disappointment i have is having to say goodbye when the session has ended. I have always seen the woman as the superior being Mistress Sabine St.Jack is all the proof to this needed her beauty and power would bring anyone to there knees before her if that is what she wants. Since meeting Mistress Sabine St.Jack not a Day has gone by without my desire to serve grows stronger. i continue to wonder what a slave as inferior as i am to her could do to continue entertaining her. Every command, order, assignment given to me by Mistress Sabine St.Jack brings joy and provides porpoise in a life that without Mistress SabineSt.Jack would be far less meaningful. I have been putting off writing this assignment until the last possible moment, that way i would be able to suffer from the pleasure of being caged up for You longer than ever before. I have a difficult time referring to you as Mistress mainly because when in your presence the energy you project is greater than a Mistress. To me You are a GODDESS! Having the privilege to bow before you at your feet simply doesn’t put me low enough below Your greatness. Every night when i awake from the discomfort of the cage i remember the luckiest and most important day on this earth for me,the day i met You and was allowed the heavenly act of worshiping Your feet.No other kiss has ever burned such an intoxicating and vivid picture on my brain as the kiss i as a lowly pitiful excuse of a slave was able to give to the toes of a Goddess. With this memory the cage grows more and more discomforting with this discomfort i smile knowing it is from the orders of Mistress Sabine St.Jack. i then roll over trying to return to my slumber wishing to dream of serving Mistress Sabine St.Jack, because every chance i receive to serve this GODDESS, to entertain Her in anyway ,simply being in her presence,it is all a happy dream i hope will continue as long as She Will allow Serving Mistress Sabine St.Jack is a wonderful privilege that i cherish if one day i am able to prove my devotion is strong enough to please her my porpoise as a slave will be complete but that would not stop be from trying more and harder to please and bring happiness and entertainment to the GODDESS Mistress Sabine St.Jack Thank you Mistress Sabine St.Jackc
Miss Sabine I am doing well after my session with you., I was highly excited and extremely nervous to see you. When you opened the door I remembered how beautiful you are, and when you spoke I couldn’t imagine the things I was about to experience. You were so calm and collected, in charge from the moment you opened the door. my lack of being prepared for your grace was an extreme embarrassment to me, I have no excuse and hope you will forgive me. Once I situated myself I thought I was prepared for what was to come, I wasn’t. I felt at ease and at the same time worried. At ease, because I knew I was in capable hands, worried because I thought I wouldn’t measure up. Being hooded and blindfolded wasn’t a new experience but I have never been that way for so long, It intensified the sensations I felt and added to the experience, I longed to catch a glimpse of your form or shape hoping I could and knowing I shouldn’t. While I was being chained down I remember thinking how can such a beautiful and small women with an incredible voice have such a commanding presence. When You applied the clamps I thought it wasn’t too bad but when you played with my nipples I hoped You wouldn’t pay to much attention to them. It didn’t seem like i was chained down very long being blindfolded i think made me lose track of time. When You unchained me and moved me to Your medical room i was thinking it must be close to the end of the session, i was wrong. It was hard to get my feet comfortable in the stirrups on the exam table and i was worried i wouldn’t be able to leave them there for long, again i was wrong. The application of all the electrical pads and the electrical current quickly took my mind off of my feet being uncomfortable. The jolts of electricity weren’t painful just uncomfortable. Then i felt a new sensation, being teased. i remember thinking i hope i don’t orgasm without permission, i was very close on many occasions, but when i thought i would a new sensation came. Either a prickly sensation or a biting electrical sensation. When i thought i couldn’t take the pain anymore the teasing would start again, i thought to myself that you must be able to read my mind and inflict things on my body at just the correct moment. i remember thinking, hoping that i was amusing You providing you with a sense of enjoyment. my biggest worry throughout was that if i was making you happy of not. Hoping i was so that i would be allowed back in your presence again. Hopefully, Miss Sabine, you were pleased enough with me to allow me back into Your presence, Trying to describe my desire to please you is hard for me but i hope You will understand it.michael
Mistress, What can I say that would communicate my experience adequately? I am not new to this. I began seeing Mistress Sabine after my former Mistress recommended Her. My former Mistress was moving too far for me to make our arrangement tenable. I was apprehensive at first, but after my first session, that all changed. Mistress Sabine different is such the right way. Sensual, and humblingly attractive, I found myself enamored at first, and unsure if I could merge my D/s needs with such beauty. I was worried I would be too self-conscious. With a total lack pretention Mistress Sabine allayed those concerns, with the confidence of someone that has the experience and mastery of this craft. From our conversations I found that She is the real deal, She is more than a day-player, She lives the life of a true Domina.RT
Mistress, I have some peculiar and less known fetishes that I wanted to explore with the Mistress. I first applied to serve Her by having a chat session. The Mistress was very professional when talking about my fetishes and made me feel assured in my desires, I haven’t experienced that kind of acceptance in a long time. After we had a chat session I scheduled a live play session and asked the Mistress to try my kink into our session. The Mistress was so calm and steady in Her movements, I even forgot what I was asking was not something very common. By the end of our time together I felt like I was able to accept myself and my kink better, the Mistress is my new therapy.RB
Dear Mistress Sabine, I will prove my devotion to you in everyway and will continue to do so for as long as you will have me. Serving such a powerful and beautiful woman is a dream come true. You were able to hone in on my need for submission right away. Many people don’t find doing errands and chores for their Mistress very rewarding, yet you were able to understand my need for these tasks without even asking me. You are intuitive, beautiful and should be seen by all as the most amazing Mistress out there. The way you understand and view the human mind and body is calming, energizing and always leaves me asking for more. How can I prove my need to please to such a lovely goddess?CK