You are here because you are missing something. That ‘thing’ you are missing, that ‘thing’ is intangible but perhaps for some fleeting moments it can be resurrected. That is why you are here, you need to resurrect the ‘thing’ that is missing from inside of you. At this moment all you have is dissatisfaction, the fruitless efforts of your sacrifices, and the resentful vanilla sex you have. You seek to understand that missing ‘thing’ that hides in the docile corners of your pathetic existence. You know the thing you seek will bring you more euphoric joy than slipping on the edge of near death. That is why you are here. You need to become lost in My oblivion for just a few moments.

I warn you, you will find yourself in an obsessive state once you enter My world. You should really turn back to your boring life and, your mental dissatisfaction. Once you enter into My seductive web you will become obsessed. Your sex will no longer live outside of My words, My hypnosis and My commands. That thing that you have been missing, that thing will slowly creep back into your world. Soon you will become addicted, rotted with self-pleasure and questioning the boring world you have created for yourself. Soon you will need to prove you’re alive. If you don’t claim your humanity you will become a statistic. You have been warned.