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Curious about why you should join Mistress Sabine in the Members Lounge? From the moment you join the St. Jack Empire, you will have unlimited access to all content created, directed, and published by Mistress Sabine St. Jack. Members will save money and time by accessing all the content they desire in one convenient place. The Members Lounge is akin to other pay platforms except the Members Lounge runs and operates on Mistress Sabine’s site and is not social media-based.

Members gain access to content first, get to learn more about slave chloe and have the privilege of joining the exclusive world of Mistress Sabine St. Jack. Members receive special access through the Members Login portal to ensure they receive more time and attention from Mistress Sabine. Those who become a member are often submissives, betas, sissies, finsubs, and other curious explorers from all over the world. You no longer need to settle- Join Sabine now.

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Save time by watching all your favorite content in one place. Join the hundreds of others who have joined the Elite world of Mistress Sabine, your favorite video and audio arousal's are now in one convenient place.

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Learn more about slave chloe, the life of Mistress Sabine and other teasing information not given to others. When you join the Mistress in the Members Lounge you are stepping into the private world of a lifestyle Dominatrix. Learn what it looks like behind closed doors.

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Exclusive Content

All Erotic Hypnosis sold in the ‘shop’

Photos, videos & info about slave chloe

Insights into Mistress Sabine’s allusive world

And so much more…

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Save money by purchasing a membership. Each membership will enable you to buy all content through a subscription plan. You pick the subscription, and you pick the amount you want to pay from a selection of 2 tiers.

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Write Mistress Sabine directly when you join her in the Members Lounge. Send emails, get acquainted, and make your fantasy a reality.