Mistress Sabine St. Jack and her personal plaything, slave chloe. Join them in the The Sanctuary.

Your cock is your lifeline of sexual satisfaction, it is the siren of your spirit and your personal prison of hopeless days. The things you’ve done to satisfy and subdue the cravings of your cock are incomprehensible. As a man, you must come to understand, you have and always will lead a double life so long as you permit your cock to direct and control you with its primal instinct. You know your cock does not have your best interest at heart, your cock would rather take control and direct your life based upon the arousal it feels.

Because your cock has control over your better self, you feel shame, anger, fear, embarrassment, and frustration when you realize the true power and will your cock is able to have over your judgment. The things you will do to please your cock is an unbearable thought and only agitated by your endless sexual needs. You have done and thought immoral things in the name of pleasing your cock. You know your actions are wrong and shameful but salvation never comes- just a cycle of perverted thoughts, feelings, and deviant behaviors.

The only way to abolish your perversions is through understanding, acceptance, redemption, and the absolution found in my Domain. I understand it’s your weakness as a man- your perversion is not your fault. A man’s sexuality and craving for all things arousing is a burden he is born and tied to. I will help mend the burden of your sex. I will give absolution of your sexual nature and the primal instincts you cannot rid yourself of.

In my domain, you will find solace in the absolution of those primal desires. A man’s true potential can only be realized when his sex, his cock, and his mindless arousal is no longer a plight he must reckon with each and every day.

Step 1

Buy the necessary material for keyholding! Either a Keyholding Package or an Evotion Wearables Cage.

For those who want to do keyholding with Mistress Sabine, you’ll need to purchase a Keyholding Package from her shop OR buy a custom special Edition cage from Evotion Wearables. Only those who purchase a Keyholding Package from the Mistress’ shop or a custom cage from Evotion Wearables can partake in keyholding. You cannot use your own lock + key for keyholding, you must buy a complete package from the Mistress to ensure you have all the necessary materials.

When you buy a Keyholding Package or a custom cage, your purchase will include the following components:

  • Lock (may vary if you have an Evotion cage)
  • Keys
  • Emergency key box
  • Unique sub number
  • Authorization code
  • A kiss from Sabine
  • 3 Erotic Hypno videos
  • Submissive Brainwashing Mantra audio file
  • Keyholding Manual electronic PDF
  • The Sabonic Praxis of Chastity by Mistress Sabine
  • Sabine emblem charm created exclusively for keyholdee’s
  • Prepaid return envelope to send your spare key to the Mistress

Regardless of which package you buy (a Keyholding Package or an Evotion cage), your purchase will come fully equipped with the materials you need to move onto step 2.

  • Buy a Keyholding Package if you wish to do keyholding with your pre-existing chastity cage
  • Buy a custom Evotion Wearables cage if you wish to buy a new cage for keyholding

You will only be permitted to initiate your keyholding experience (step 2) once you’ve purchased and received your Keyholding Package or custom cage in the mail. Without your unique sub number and the other components found in your package, you will not able to initiate service.


  • Buy Keyholding Package OR Evotion Wearables custom cage
  • Read Keyholding Manual electronic PDF (found in the invoice from step 1 purchase)
  • Move onto step 2 once items arrive in the mail and you are ready to lock your cock-up. Only initiate service (step 2) when you’re ready to send off your spare key

Step 2

Initiate Keyholding Service

Once you have your items from step 1 (either a Keyholding Package OR an Evotion cage), you can initiate the keyholding service portion of your experience. You can only initiate keyholding services after you’ve purchased one of the available options in step 1 (either a Keyholding Package or custom Evotion cage) and your items have arrived at your doorstep. Your Keyholding Package/custom Evotion cage will be unique to you and will give you a sub number and authorization code which permits you to initiate keyholding services. Don’t forget to review and read your Keyholding Manual PDF found in your emailed invoice to better understand step 2 of the process.

When initiating your keyholding experience you will select your desired lock-up duration and can request ‘add-ons’ like weekly photo check-in, weekly task, weekly email, etc. These add-ons will increase your overall keyholding cost but will give you access to the Mistress.


Step 3

Pause or extend/renew keyholding

Once you’ve initiated your keyholding service (step 2), you will send your spare key back to Mistress Sabine in the prepaid envelope that came in your Keyholding Package (step 1). Once she receives it in the mail you’ll receive a confirmation email and your time locked up will officially begin. Based upon your selected add-ons in step 2, you may have weekly check-ins, weekly tasks etc. When your predesignated keyholding service duration is close to ending, the Mistress will reach out via email and check-in. You will be given the option to pause or extend/renew your keyholding services. Be sure to check your email and spam folder frequently.

If you have an emergency and need to get out of your cage early, you will need to pay your bounty (if you selected one in step 2). Details about your bounty can be found in the document which became available to you after your purchase in step 1 (Keyholding Manual). You can go back and refer to your Keyholding Manual PDF at any time by checking your invoice from your purchase in step 1. If you are unsure about anything, email inquire@submittosabine.com.


  • Your cock is locked up!
  • Your pre-selected date is coming to a close, do you want to pause or extend/renew your experience?

Available Options

Pausing Your Experience: If you pause your experience your spare key will be sent back to you, however, the Mistress will not give you the code for your emergency key box. This option is ideal for those who think they may want to lock their cock up again in the future. Because you are not given your emergency key box code, you will be allowed to re-use your items without having to buy new ones when you want to start up again. Your keyholding profile and sub number will remain the same.

Extending/Renewing Your Experience: If you extend/renew your experience, you will set your duration, bounty, and renew your keyholding experience. You will pay for your keyholding service and simply start the clock again! You’ll be given the option to exchange your hardware if needed. The Mistress will keep your key and your experience will go on as normal. Your keyholding profile and sub number will remain the same.