Mistress Sabine has compiled a list of answers and information to common questions and inquiries. If you do not find the specific information you are looking for, please submit your question in the form provided at the bottom of the page. Check back often as answers to new questions are frequently added.

Do you sell clips or Audio recordings?

Yes, Mistress Sabine sells Erotic Hypnosis files on various sites on the web, you can find a complete list on how and where to connect with the Mistress by clicking here. Additionally, memberships are available for purchase to ensure you are one of the firsts to experience Mistress Sabine’s audio and visual stimulations.

Mistress Sabine sells Erotic Hypnotic audio recordings, offers online distance training, and connects with slaves online through Her BDSM slave training school (click here for more info).

Click here to view all the ways in which you can surrender your mind and body to the Mistress.

I want to session with you, how can I make this happen?

Mistress Sabine does not offer live sessions. You may view all the ways in which you can engage with Mistress Sabine by clicking here.

How can I best serve Mistress Sabine?

For those who wish to serve Mistress Sabine but are inhibited by finances or other circumstances, consider enrolling in one of Her online slave training courses, or purchasing an Erotic Hypnosis file.

Online BDSM Training: click here

Buy clips/Audio: Click here

Spoil the Mistress: Click here

What is St. Jacks Reformatory for Wayward boys?

The art of submission is one of strength. With the help of the St. Jack Reformatory for Wayward boys, you can further develop your inner submissive with the proper education, acceptance, and understanding from Mistress Sabine. Through online courses, you will now be able to submit from any location. Your circumstances no longer need to inhibit your servitude.

St. Jack’s Reformatory provides distinguished online slave training programs designed personally by Mistress Sabine to allow you to take an in-depth look at what it means to submit, obey, and serve your Mistress.

Click here to enroll and seduce your senses.

Why did Mistress Sabine start St. Jack's Reformatory for Wayward boys?

Mistress Sabine’s saw the need to educate, reform and enhance Her virtual slave’s ability to serve and obey through an online platform. She found the art of submission was one She eagerly longed to cultivate in Her slaves, no matter the circumstance or distance which separated them.

Mistress Sabine understands not all who serve her can do so via Skype. With St. Jack’s Reformatory, distance, cost, and time no longer need to inhibit one’s servitude and devotion.

Do you offer distance training, chastity, and blackmail?

Yes, Mistress Sabine allows Her subs and slaves to submit via online training to become a chastity slave or engage with consensual blackmail.

For more information on distance training, becoming a chastity slave, or consensual blackmail, click here.

What is the legality of engaging with the Mistress?

The time and energy Mistress Sabine contribute to your submission is legal. Mistress Sabine will never be seen nude, having sex or engaging in any illegal activities. Mistress Sabine is a fetish/ kink model and erotic content producer. Expressing an alternative lifestyle in this way is legal.

By engaging with this site and Mistress Sabine, you are not breaking any laws or endangering yourself in any way. This site is built upon the foundation and understanding that the best BDSM practices are always safe, sane and consensual. Your engagement with Mistress Sabine is done on your own accord and you are not held to any expectations by purchasing Her clips, audio or other content. 

Where can I find you on Social Media?

You may follow, message and engage with Mistress Sabine though Her Twitter and Instagram account.

Twitter: @Sabine_StJack

If you encounter any other site/account that is posing as Mistress Sabine. Notify Her at

If you are not sure you are interacting with Mistress Sabine and suspect a false account, false interaction or are suspicious of anything else, email Mistress Sabine immediately at

How should I address you when I contact you?

You will address Sabine as, “Mistress”,  “Miss Sabine”, or “Mistress Sabine”. It is in your best interest to show your distinguished respect and appreciation for Mistress Sabine if you wish to hear back from Her.

What kind of Dominatrix is Mistress Sabine?

Mistress Sabine is a Hypno Domme. She adores crawling into your mind and infiltrating your mundane reality.

Through this website, you will find Erotic Audio, FemDom Audio, Hypnotic Audio, FemDom clips, and other teasing stimulation.

Mistress Sabine operates online and will encourage your surrender through online videos, audio stimulus, and Her online BDSM school. She offers custom clips and custom Hypnotic audio for those who wish to curate their kink experience with the Mistress.

Mistress Sabine does not engage with live sessions.

To find your favorite way to submit, click here.

What kind of people do you allow to submit?

Those who have a genuine, curious and honest interest in exploring their submissive, masochistic and/or fetishist side engage with Sabine.  Those who do not exude a sincere desire to amuse, please, serve, obey, and surrender control to Sabine must look elsewhere.

To serve Sabine you must understand She is not a provider/escort/cam girl and will only render you useless through Her tortures and torments on your mind and body as a Dominatrix. Any and all video/audio content will be free of nudity or other compromising activities by the Mistress. You submit with the understanding that you are here to amuse Her, not the other way around.

Men, women, couples, and anyone else wanting a sincere and bespoke BDSM experience through clips and audio stimulations.

Do you hate men?

Sabine does not hate men. If you fear all Domme’s hate men, consider this: submission and possession should be based upon mutual respect and understanding. Sabine’s submissive’s are Her prized possession. Just like any owner, She cherishes their submission and will always proceed with the knowledge that those who serve Her are there because they respect, admire and cherish Her. In return, Sabine will keep those who submit to Her in high standing.

I want to buy you something, what should I get?

Mistress Sabine enjoys those who show their admiration for Her skills and talent through small tokens of appreciation. Visit Her ‘Wishlist‘ page for gift ideas. 

Where do your travels take you?

Mistress Sabine most often finds herself in:

Seattle, Washington Washington DC New York, New York
Japan London, England France
Germany Italy Dubai

How can I contact you?

Many slaves and subs will try to badger and annoy the Mistress to no end just to prove they are time wasters or men who think they can get Her attention for free. Those who are serious about serving and devoting themselves to the Mistress should always send a small tribute or gift before contacting Her. This will demonstrate you are a devout sub/slave who is serious about serving, obeying and submitting.

To send a tribute or gift click here.

To contact the Mistress about other inquiries that cannot be found on Her website, you may email Her assistant Chloe at All emails are filtered through Chloe to ensure only serious slaves and subs can reach out to the Mistress.

Do you have online slaves?

Mistress Sabine allows slaves from all over the world to submit as chastity, blackmail, Finsubs and other subservient slaves through Her online slave training school and social media platforms.

To learn more about enrolling in one of the many courses offered, click here.

DM Mistress Sabine if you would like to submit through social media.

I found someone posing as you, what should I do?

If you have found any account, text, photos or other intellectual property that has been plagiarized contact Mistress Sabine at

If you have found a fake social media account or are suspicious of anyone who is contacting you under the geis of Mistress Sabine, again contact Her immediately at

I am a member of your site, how do I log into my account?

To log into your Membership account follow the instructions below. Depending on your device, your actions will vary.


  1. View the main menu at the top of this page
  2. View the 3 bars on the rightmost side of the menu
  3. Click and log in
  4. This is how you will access your account each time

Mobile Device/ Tablet/ Other:

  1. View the main menu at the top of the page
  2. view the plus sign on the leftmost side of the menu
  3. Click and log in
  4. This is how you will access your account each time

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