Mistress Sabine has compiled a list of answers and information to common questions and inquiries. If you do not find the specific information you are looking for, please submit your question in the form provided at the bottom of the page. Check back often as answers to new questions are frequently added.

Live Session FAQ

I want to see you, how can I make this happen?

Sabine’s audience is carefully curated – She is selective about who She will dominate, and who She gives Her time to. Follow the steps below to discover how you can procure Her companionship, and dive into your hunger for Her dominance.

To secure a session with Sabine follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out the apply to serve form. This form is intended to demonstrate your interests, and if you are a good fit for Sabine’s company. Click here to be redirected to the apply to serve page.
  2. Wait for a response from Sabine’s assistant Chloe. If you do not hear back from Chloe within 72 hours, Sabine has decided you are not suitable for Her domination.
  3. If Sabine decides you can serve Her, Chloe will send you an email asking for dates and times you are available to have a session.

How much does a session cost?

Click here to learn more about tributes.

How do I confirm our session?

YOU must contact Sabine to reconfirm your session 24 hours beforehand. Check your email for the phone number you must text to confirm your session. Failure to reach out to Sabine and confirm your session will result in the termination of your session.

As one who submits to Sabine, it is your responsibility and honor to confirm a session with your Mistress.

What if I need to cancel our session?

Sabine asks you to contact Her assistant Chloe via email ( if you need to cancel. If you cancel 0-36 hours before your session you will be asked to send a tribute as penance for your cancelation. If you cancel on Sabine more than 2 times you will no longer be able to serve Her.

Mistress, it has been more than 72 hours and I haven't heard from you.

Sabine is selective. If you do not hear from Her assistant Chloe within 72 hours, Sabine has decided you are not suitable for Her company. If you feel you are a good fir for Sabine’s domination and have not heard back from her, send a polite and short email to Chloe at for clarification. Sabine recieves many emails, yours might have been missed by mistake.

How do you handle hard/soft limits, and safe words?

Your intake form will ask you about your hard/soft limits. Sabine takes your safety and consent very seriously. Although, She will bring you to your edge, She will never put you in serious danger. Before your session starts with Sabine, you will go over your hard and soft limits again in person.

Safe words and other safety information will be sent to you along with your intake form. Red and yellow/mercy are the most common safe words, and unless specified otherwise, will always be used. Red meaning, “this is not pleasurable, stop the immediately” and yellow/mercy meaning, “I am feeling a bit uncomfortable, slow down, or move on”. If you are gagged, or otherwise unable to communicate verbally, a ball, or other object will be used in place of the safe words. All of this will be reiterated at the beginning of your session with Sabine.

How should I prepare for our time together?

  1. Read Sabine’s website in its entirety.
  2. Re-read the session information page which was sent to your email after your ‘apply to serve’ form was filled out.
  3. Present your CLEAN body to Sabine. If you do not have time to shower up before your session, Sabine will provide you with a shower and all the tools you need to clean up. Inform Sabine of your need to shower BEFORE your session begins. Those who do not practice good hygiene will be asked to take a shower if Sabine feels you are not up to Her standards. This includes a clean ass, a shaved pubic area, clean breath and no body odor.

What if I am running late?

If you are running late, contact Sabine’s assistant Chloe by text (the phone number can be found in the email sent to you after your ‘apply to serve’ submission) as soon as you know you will be tardy. If you are more than 15 minutes late and have not notified Chloe, your session will be canceled and you will be required to send a deposit to the Mistress if you wish to see her in the future.

General FAQ

I can't serve you in a live session, how can I serve you instead?

Mistress Sabine understands not all who wish to serve Her in a live session can. For those who wish to serve Mistress Sabine but are inhibited by distance, finances or other circumstances, consider enrolling in one of Her online slave training courses.

Click here for more information.

How should I address you?

You will address Sabine as, “Mistress” or “Miss Sabine”. If you do not address Sabine with one of the appropriate names you will be punished. It is in your best interest to obey your Mistress immediately.

What kind of people do you allow to submit?

Those who have a genuine, curious and honest interest in exploring their submissive, masochistic and/or fetishist side may see Sabine. Sabine also enjoys topping service bottoms who are looking to indulge in a power exchange. Those who do not exude a sincere desire to amuse, please, serve, obey, and surrender control to Sabine must look elsewhere.

To serve Sabine you must understand She is not a provider/escort and will only render you useless through Her tortures and torments on your body as a dominatrix.

Men, women, couples, and anyone else wanting a sincere and bespoke BDSM experience may submit an “apply to serve” form. 

Do you hate men?

Sabine does not hate men. If you fear all Domme’s hate men, consider this: submission and possession should be based upon mutual respect and understanding. Sabine’s submissive’s are Her prized possession. Just like any owner, She cherishes their submission and will always proceed with the knowledge that those who serve Her are there because they respect, admire and cherish Her. In return, Sabine will keep those who submit to Her in high standing.

I want to buy you something, what should I get?

Mistress Sabine enjoys those who show their admiration for Her skills and talent through small tokens of appreciation. Visit Her ‘Wishlist‘ page for gift ideas. 

Do you sell clips or have skype sessions?

Yes, Mistress Sabine sells clips on various sites on the web, you can find a complete list of how and where to connect with the Mistress by clicking here.

Mistress Sabine offers Skype sessions to those who are too far away to submit in person. Click here to apply for a Skype session.

What is Oak Manor like Mistress?

Oak Manor is a well equipped, discreet, and safe play space for all your darkest desires. Mistress Sabine will always ensure it is clean and ready for your visit. Click here for photos and other information about Sabine’s domain.

Oak Manor is available to rent for other Pro Dommes, Masters and couples. To secure your rental click here.

Where do your travels take you?

I most often times find myself in the following locations:


Seattle, Washington Washington DC New York, New York
Japan London, England France
Germany Italy Dubai

Store FAQ

I need to contact customer support about my order/account.

Email all shop related inquiries to

Online Servitude FAQ

Do you have online slaves?

Mistress Sabine understands not all those who wish to serve can have a live session for various reasons. Circumstances no longer need to get in the way of your servitude. Mistress Sabine allows slaves from all over the world to submit as chastity, blackmail and subservient slaves through Her online slave training school. 

To learn more about enrolling in one of the many courses offered, click here.

Why did Mistress Sabine start St. Jack's Reformatory for Wayward boys?

Mistress Sabine’s saw the need to educate, reform and enhance Her virtual slave’s ability to serve and obey through an online platform. She found the art of submission was one She eagerly longed to cultivate in Her slaves, no matter the circumstance or distance which separated them.

Mistress Sabine understands not all who serve her can do so in a live session. With St. Jack’s Reformatory, distance, cost, and time no longer need to inhibit one’s servitude and devotion.

Do you sell clips or have skype sessions?

Yes, Mistress Sabine sells clips on various sites on the web, you can find a complete list of how and where to connect with the Mistress by clicking here.

Mistress Sabine offers Skype sessions to those who are too far away to submit in person. Click here to apply for a Skype session.

What is the difference between St. Jacks Reformatory and a Skype session?

St. Jack’s Reformatory for Wayward boys is a BDSM online school for those who wish to learn how to be a better slave through online courses. Those who enroll in one of the many courses available will walk away with a better understanding of the art of servitude. Click here for more details.

Skype sessions are more akin to live sessions with Mistress Sabine but are conducted in a virtual manner. For those who are too far away or are inhibited by other circumstances, they can submit via Skype. For more information click here.

New Question Form

Use this form to submit a questions to the Mistress. Sabine’s assistant Chloe will vet any submissions before providing it for Sabine’s consideration.