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Seductive Manipulation

You have entered into a world which is unparalleled to anything you have experienced before. I will take you on an Erotic journey filled with triggers, subliminal messages, brainwashing and other tactical influences to ensure you are bound to me. My style of Domination is not one you have seen before, My Erotic Hypnosis is far beyond that of simple words and swirls on a screen. I have taken the art of submission through Erotic Hypnosis and diverted it through the lens of Female Domination, submission and complete control of the mind.

My seductive yet manipulative approach to Erotic Hypnosis comes from years of study with My subs and slaves in live sessions. Although I have retired from live sessions, each detail of My Erotic Hypnosis is guided by the experiences from those lives session. My calculated approach will force your subconscious to properly serve, obey and submit.

Look closely, listen with intent and see if you can spot the hidden secrets of My world.

Who should listen to Erotic Hypnosis?

Erotic Hypnosis is great for those who want to engage with the hidden, kinky and dark corners of the psyche in a mind-bending manner while cultivating a relationship with Me. Hypnosis can do wonders for those who are wanting to play with a new kind of eroticism, one that goes far beyond the physical arousal of traditional porn and domination clips. Hypnosis will captivate your mind and body instantly as you surrender yourself to My power and authority. My Hypnosis files will play with your mind, tempt your body and peak your kinky, curious mind.

I recommend Erotic Hypnosis to all who wish to experience a higher level of arousal and seduction. Although most files are intended for a male-bodied listener, some files have been created specifically for women and couples.

Where can I listen to your files?

You can purchase an exclusive membership through this site by clicking here. Membership holders will save money, be first to view content and get exclusive updates. Because 3rd party sites like NiteFlirt, Clips4Sale and iWantclips charges a 40% commission fee, I no longer sells on those sites. The only place you can buy my content is in the Members Lounge or in the shop.

What makes your files unique?

I have always had a passion for hypnosis and have been fortunate enough to test My curious kink on My slaves for many years. My house slave Chloe (also My assistant) is lucky enough to experience all files, techniques, and theories I have about hypnosis as it relates to eroticism, BDSM and Female Domination. All files are slave tested and approved.

After years of practice as a ProDomme, my kinky explorations, sadistic temptations, and dark desires have culminated into an abundance of Erotic Hypnosis files. When you listen to My files you surrender yourself to Me, you do so knowing that I have the genuine authority and presence to guide your erotic journey.