Unleash your primal desires and escape reality. The Mistress is redefining what it means to interact with a Dominatrix online. For those who need a fully immersed experience, VR FemDom will become your next vice.

The Mistress wants you to get lost in your new vice, through the customization of your VR experience, you can make your kink your new playground. Custom virtual reality content is created when you select your desired VR environment + your favorite avatar + your favorite Erotic Hypnosis clip.

  • You are given a choice of 3 separate VR environments to choose from- the Dungeon, the Jail cell or the Sabine’s loft
  • You are given a choice of 3 avatars to choose from- the Gimp, the Slut, the Inmate, or the Average Joe
  • You are given a choice of 10+ Erotic Hypnosis files

Use the form below to better understand how custom VR works. When you start to fill out the form, you will be given examples of the audio or visuals you are selecting. This will ensure you know what you are requesting and mixing together. Remember, this is a request and you will not be permitted to purchase the custom VR content until it is approved by the Mistress.

The video you see here is a VR example using the following selections:

VR Environment= Dungeon
Avatar= Average Joe
FemDom Audio= Brainwashed slave

  • Details

  • Fill out the form below
  • Select your VR environment
  • Select your avatar
  • Select your Erotic Hypnosis
  • The reselling of any content is prohibited
  • Payments must be made in full before production can begin
  • All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges of any kind unless an error on the production side is made
  • Cost

  • The cost of your custom VR video is based upon your requested ‘add-ons’ and the duration of your erotic hypnosis file. On the last page of the request form, you’ll be given a summary and breakdown of the cost of your request. Use the numbers below to get a better idea of the price range of your VR file.
  • 5 minutes | $100
  • 10 minutes |$200
  • 15 minutes | $300
  • 20 minutes | $400
  • How to purchase

  1. Fill out the application below to receive a quote
  2. Wait
  3. If you are worthy, a quote for your custom VR will be sent via email
  4. Pay for your Custom VR video in full
  5. Once you have paid for your custom audio, Mistress Sabine will begin creating your content
  6. Wait 2-6 weeks for the delivery of your content
  7. Enjoy your new VR world!

Fill out the fom below to send your request for a custom VR Erotic Hypnosis