Do you long for the surrender and release of worshipping Mistress Sabine in person? Cashpoint meets are designed for those who are interested or curious about Financial Domination. Cashpoint meets are an excellent way to engage and show your devotion for your Mistress.

Cashpoint meets consist of you pulling out cash from an ATM, meeting Mistress Sabine at a pre-designated location and handing over all the cash to your Mistress. If you are lucky perhaps you will get a good slap to the face, a few humiliating words or given permission to kiss and caress Her feet.

With Mistress Sabine’s 6+ years of FemDom experience, you can ensure she will properly use you as the human ATM you are. If you feel you are worthy of relinquishing your money to Mistress Sabine, fill out the form below to secure your cash meet.

Cashmeets can be a great way to test or try out the world of FinDom, cashmeets can provide a quick yet powerful release to ensure you are hooked, bound and dedicated to the service of Mistress Sabine. She will gladly take control and ensure you are enslaved to Her through your wallet.

Things to consider:

  • All cashpoint meets will happen in Portland, Oregon unless Mistress Sabine is traveling to a different city.
  • A $100 deposit is required to secure your cashpoint meet
  • A minimum of $350 of your hard earned cash must be exchanged at a cashpoint
  • Cashpoints are not sessions or dates, interactions will be short, sweet and filled with cash

How to secure your cashpoint meet:

  1. Fill out the application below
  2. Wait
  3. If you are worthy, you will be asked to send a deposit of $100 to secure your cashpoint meet
  4. Once your deposit is received you will be sent the location, day and time of your cashmeet
  5. Meet Mistress Sabine in person at your designated location with a minimum of $350 in hand