Watch Mistress Sabine St. Jack as She guides you through your submission. Mistress Sabine has collected a varied number of video stimulations to aid in your submissive journey. To ensure you are able to properly serve, obey and submit, videos of all topics can be found including:

  • Financial Domination
  • Female Domination
  • Hypno Domination
  • Jerk Off Instructions
  • Cum Eating Instructions
  • Challenges
  • Sissification
  • Mind fuck
  • and other teasing words to force your surrender

All videos will incorporate some level of Female Domination and will never include nudity, illegal activities or compromising situations.  It is Mistress Sabine’s mission to teach you the art of submission through clips and audio files provided on Her site. 

All videos can be found here, on Mistress Sabine’s site or can be purchased individually on 3rd party sites. Mistress Sabine rewards those who are loyal and give those who purchase a membership through this site top priority. Memberships through this site will give you access to any and all content Mistress Sabine sells first. To explore the membership tiers, click here.

Mistress Sabine creates many kinds of teasing videos, however, if you want to direct your fantasies, you can request a custom clip by clicking here.

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Your Mundane Life

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL Time and time again you see those around you progressing in life you wish you were one ...
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Chastity Slave

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL Have you ever actually served a mistress before as a chastity slave? I bet you think it ...
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How to get My Attention

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL Time and time again you see those around you progressing in life you wish you were one ...
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Did You Know I Am a Pro Domme

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL Did you know I am a Pro Domme? Do you even know what that means? Well, just ...
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Stair Pervert

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL Are you one of those perverts who walk too close to me when I am going up ...
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Pee For You, Pee For Me

St. Jack Motley You want to be drenched in My golden nectar. You fantasize about the warm urine engulfing your ...
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Big Ego, Small Cock

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL Your ego is big but your cock is small and pathetic. Your cock has never served you, ...
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Cuck Humiliation

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL You are worthless to my pleasure. When I wanted more sex and kink, you were already finished ...
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Devotional Wallet Drain

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL I want you to show me just how devoted you are, you must drain your wallet in ...
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Fat Fetish

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL I know you are a sick fuck and have a fat fetish. You think about women getting ...
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Hiding Your Secret Obsession

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL Are you having trouble hiding your secret obsession with me? I bet you spend more money on ...
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Vanilla Life Is Boring As Fuck

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL Your vanilla life is boring as fuck, there is no love, sex or excitement in your life ...
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Toothpaste Jerk Off Challenge

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL Do you want a challenge? I know you enjoy slave tasks. pushing your body and pleasing your ...
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Small Penis Humiliation

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL Your little dicklette is a pathetic excuse and a waste of skin. You are useless to a ...
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Slave Steak Off

ST. JACK CONFIDENTIAL How far would you go to please and amuse your Mistress? Would you be a good boy ...
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