Mistress Sabine St. Jack is an Elite Hypno Domme who will guide your submission through hypnosis. All audio files are composed with the underlying theme of Female Domination and utilize hypnotic techniques like triggers, binaural sounds, rhythmic inductions, sound effects, subliminal messages, ASMR, and other techniques to ensure you are instantly hooked. Each file you listen to will ensure you are brought into a trance-like state and more susceptible to Mistress Sabine’s influences. Topics include:

  • Hypnotic Domination
  • Financial Domination
  • Female Domination
  • Jerk Off Instructions
  • Cum Eating Instructions
  • Challenges
  • Sissification
  • Mind fuck
  • Sleep/Relaxation
  • and other teasing words to force your surrender

Mistress Sabine creates many kinds of Hypnotic audio files for those who want to explore the many different avenues of their submission through various BDSM related topics.

All audio files are curated to guide you through the art of submission. Mistress Sabine understands your submission can come in many forms, She will ensure you are elevated into the world of submission with ease. You will worship your goddess effortlessly in a state of full surrender, leaving behind all outside distractions.

All Audio files can be found here, on Mistress Sabine’s site or can be purchased individually on 3rd party sites. Mistress Sabine rewards those who are loyal and give those who purchase a membership through this site top priority. Memberships through this site will give you access to any and all content Mistress Sabine sells first. To explore the membership tiers, click here.

For a list of all places Mistress Sabine sells Her clips and audio files, click here.

Dildo Reprogramming

Do you wonder what you should do to train your sex with your new dildo? This file will introduce you ...
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Liquid Latex

Do you dream of being encased in black shiny latex? I want you to envision a world where I paint ...
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PayPig Reprogramming

Have you ever wanted to be reprogrammed and used by your Mistress for her financial gains? In this file I ...
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A Name Returned

Have you ever wonder how far your mind can go while in a trance state? In this file I will ...
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Whispers of the Night

A soft audio file to help you relax before bed. You will fall into a deep trance and have the ...
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Foot Slave

This clip will take you deep into a relaxed state of mind where you are permitted to worship, adore and ...
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I Am Watching

This mesmerize dream will take you to your edge, by the end of our time together you are going to ...
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Hypnotic JOI

Come, relax and step into our secret world that we share together. Engage with your senses as you relax into ...
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Piggy Ripoff | FinDom

Do you want to be my pay pig? Before you can serve me as a paypig you must be initiated ...
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Luxury Heel Fetish

My feet are perfect. The curves of my heals are best highlighted by luxury heels, The only heels I wear ...
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Small Penis Tax

Do you have a small cock? Are you humiliated by its small demeanor? I want you to know I love ...
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You are a Sissy

When you come to me you are already wearing women's panties. You are already solidified in your identity, I know ...
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I Will be Your Ruin | FinDom

I want to ruin your life. There is no point in hiding it, I will infiltrate your life and strip ...
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Secret Pee Fetish

I know you have a secret pee fetish, you comb the internet in hopes of finding a video of a ...
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FemDom JOI

Have you been playing with the idea of getting into FemDom? Maybe you are too shy? Or perhaps you think ...
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You wish you could fuck Me

Do you fantasize about spending time with me alone? Maybe you daydream about what I would do to you if ...
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Pee For You, Pee For Me

St. Jack Motley You want to be drenched in My golden nectar. You fantasize about the warm urine engulfing your ...
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Rubberman Medical Testing: Session one

St. Jack Erotica | Erotic Domination Test subject is building endurance, he can sustain more and more tests, torments and ...
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Slave Face Fuck

St. Jack Erotica | Erotic Domination 10 hours in latex and My gimp is finally ready to take My 8-inch ...
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Pee Compilation #1

St. Jack Motley | Unclassifiable I had the idea of peeing in random locations a while back. I love peeing ...
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