If you are reading this you have finally found Sabine St.Jack, the ultimate Dominatrix. You have taken the first step in becoming Her next amusement, from this moment on, you will be Hers, you will relinquish all control, and submit.

Sabine’s passion is to own and possess those who crave the release of complete submissive surrender. As a connoisseur of kinky techniques, fetishes, BDSM, and Femdom, Sabine finds Herself at ease guiding others through their deviant, explorations. She has experienced more than most could imagine, affording Her an authority, and skill that few can equal. As a lifestyle BDSM player, Her own experiences have enabled Her to understand the detailed needs of those who submit to Her powers. Sabine’s years learning the D/s craft under the guidance of Her Domme’s mentorship, has allowed Sabine to cultivate a unique, connective, and non-judgmental approach towards those who serve Her as a submissive.

Sabine’s worldview is informed by Her extensive international travel and Her graduate education. She has purposefully chosen to make Her craft the art of Female Domination. Her genuine passion for the darker, more sinister exploits in life have culminated into a singular passion for guiding the willing as a Dominatrix. Sabine is a formidable and unshakable woman with a passion for attending to those lucky enough to receive Her attention through the finer points of BDSM, mind control, reprogramming, and submission.

The power exchange between a Dominatrix and Her muses can be an exciting and thrilling journey. Click here to learn all the ways in which you can connect with Mistress Sabine.

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A word from the Mistress…

There are many approaches one can take when coming into the BDSM/Kink scene. I have always been of the mindset that BDSM allows us to connect, appreciate and understand our darker desires. BDSM enables us to play with a part of our mind which is often untouched and unknown by those around us. The role of a Dominatrix is to understand the underlying needs of those who serve you, we all have kinks, but it is my job to guide those who submit.

I often tell people around Me I am a disciplinary consultant. Those who obey, serve, and submit to Me, know I am one who finds pleasure in seeing you surrender all control, abandoning all outside objectives and embracing the power I hold. My approach to BDSM is that of an open mind. There is no kink, fantasy, sensation, or experience that I am puzzled by. I take pride in knowing I have an evolved idea of what desires can ride in your mind, unknown and misunderstood by others. To understand the rule of discipline, eroticism, temptation, pleasure, and pain is to understand what it means to be a Dominatrix.

My subs/bottoms/sissies/ and submissives often tell Me I can understand their desires without falsehood or scrutiny. My approach to Domination comes judgment-free which connects the hidden yet tempting desires with the body. There are many ways in which one can be a Dominatrix, but I find the most valuable approach is to explore the missing link between our fantasies and our reality.