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Mistress Sabine invites you to rest your sinful mind in The Sanctuary.
The Sanctuary is Mistress Sabine’s dedicated fan site for those who crave more of Mistress Sabine, her Sabonic practices as an elite Dominatrix, mind-altering erotic hypnosis, her experiences with enforced male chastity or crave a glimpse inside the kinky wonderland that is the Mistress’s life.
The Sanctuary is free.

Mistress Sabine + slave chloe

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Erotic Hypnosis

Over 330 minutes of erotic hypnosis at your disposal. Download, save and share your favorite videos.

slave chloe

Learn more about the D/s relationship of the Mistress and her personal plaything- slave chloe.

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Become obsessed as you devote your fantasies to the Mistress's Sanctuary. Explore your interests with the Mistress in her wonderland of kink.

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Arouse the mind with sinful content that is unseen by others. The Mistress will give you access into her BDSM filled world.

Erotic Photos

View the growing collection of photos taken of Mistress Sabine, slave chloe over the past 5 years.

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Buy artifacts from your favorite posts and get one step closer to your fantasies.

Mistress Sabine + slave chloe

Why Enter The Sanctuary?

Curious about why you should join Mistress Sabine in The Sanctuary? From the moment you join the St. Jack Empire, you will have unlimited access to all content created, directed, and published by Mistress Sabine St. Jack. Members will save time by accessing all the content they desire in one convenient place.

The Sanctuary is akin to other Membership sites except it is run by Mistress Sabine St. Jack and is completely free. This means her content isn’t restricted by others, this will provide Members access to all kinds of Erotic Hypnosis, arousing photos, and a ticket into Mistress Sabine’s sinful wonderland of Kink.

Mistress Sabine will give you a behind the scenes look at many of the photos and videos you find on her Twitter and other social platforms. She’ll let you take a peek at her D/s relationship with slave chloe while telling you about her wicked adventures as a Dominant online. The Mistress will encourage the expansion of your mind and she teaches you about her Sabonic practices and enforcing male chastity through Keyholding. The Sanctuary is Mistress Sabine’s archive for her exploits as a Lifestyle and Professional Dominatrix.

For those who want more from their submission, The Sanctuary is the perfect place to learn about the life of a real Dominatrix, one who has years of experience as a ProDomme. Leave your vanilla life behind for a moment, and see what a Lifestyle Domme does with her free time.

The Sanctuary is free.

Erotic Hypnosis

Want more Erotic Hypnosis videos like this? Enter The Sanctuary to see this video and many more! The Mistress wants you to become obsessed while she morphs you into the perfect devotee through her Erotic Hypnosis videos. Leave your reality and step into The Sanctuary.

Other sites limits what kinds of videos can be streamed, stored, downloaded and posted- those rules don’t apply in The Sanctuary. Mistress Sabine has invested to ensure all her videos are not censored, limited or restricted in any way. That means her devious mind is the limit. Don’t you wonder what lays beyond the censorship of other sites?

“Chastity Slave” Erotic Hypnosis Video

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Interact with the Mistress and slave chloe. Get an unparalleled access to the world they share behind closed doors.

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